Lake Metigoshe – Day 6

Things are both winding down and ramping up today. I can’t believe my week here is almost over. I’m really not quite ready for it to be. I’ve been thinking about this and planning it for so long that it’s going to be weird to go home and just pack it all up and put it all away. Thankfully I have some really good paintings that I either just started on or that I have ready to go soon.

The morning was spent getting ready for my presentation tonight. I got my easel set up and everything I needed to take with me ready. I went through the presentation again. After lunch I kept working on a painting of a red squirrel that I started yesterday. It is at the stage where it’s mostly just about blocking in color. This is the project I will be working on tomorrow afternoon from 12 to 4 down in the “day use” area by the beach.

After supper I went through my presentation one last time and headed down to set up for it. The park staff here could not be nicer. I really don’t know how to put it into words. They are so helpful and seem interested in what I am doing. I just really appreciate it more than I can say. I set up and had about 25 people or so come to the presentation which was good. It is about what I was expecting. There were some kids there that were really amazing about asking good questions. The feedback seemed really good. I am really hoping that it inspired some of them to come visit with me tomorrow afternoon when I am painting and hopefully they will come back tomorrow night and help me with my big group project I have planned! 

Tomorrow will be a very full day. It is my busiest day with painting in the park all afternoon and the big group or project I am leading in the evening. In addition, I’m sure I will be starting to get everything here packed up and ready to take home so I can hit the road right away on Sunday. My own bed will be very nice to sleep in but I also feel like I will need a weekend when I get home. It will be hard to go straight into a work week!