Artist Statement

I fell in love with nature and wildlife as a child.  Some of my favorite memories are of the times I spent exploring the countryside in western North Dakota near the Heart River.  I still love to explore, finding the quiet hidden details in the world that are all around us. Painting allows me to reveal the beauty of the environment and reminds us to slow down and reconnect with nature.

The first time I used oil paint in high school, I knew I found my medium.  The slow drying time of oils lends itself well for blending techniques. I work from background to foreground, and different areas of my paintings will have between 3 and 10 layers of paint, usually ending with a glaze.  I use a realistic style because I feel that the world is beautiful just the way it is, if we would only take the time to notice.

I am on the constant lookout for just the right branch for a bird to perch on or the hidden path a mountain lion might take on his hunt.  The natural environment provides so much beauty in the way the light and colors change from sunrise to sunset. I always notice the way the world changes from different atmospheric conditions such as sun, snow, rain or fog and from the beautiful changing of the seasons.

I hope my art helps others see the beauty in the world that I see and helps everyone slow down for just a moment and feel peace.

I currently live in Bismarck, North Dakota, with my family.